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Membership Attendance provides an organization with an improved tool for managing the activity of their membership.  Using the latest technologies for bar coding and relational data base management, the effort required to track membership attendance and generate summary activity reports has been minimized.  An added benefit is the ability to use the membership information to assist an organization in its fund raising activities. Thumbnail images of screens follow...
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Membership Form
Report Selections

SpeakUp! is a multimedia application written for children who need help with speech feedback or are non verbal.  Images can have speech or sound waves associated with them that is played with the simple click of mouse.  Currently two formats are supported, one a talking book and the second a speech board.  For text-to-speech, SpeakUp! uses Digital Equipment Corporationís DECTalk, providing excellent speech synthesis and control over voice attributes; from a child to a husky man or woman.  Sound wave files are played through the computerís own multimedia speakers.