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Our Clients

A quick look at some of our diverse applications!

iQS The Intelligent Solution for Your Business

iQS for Windows - an integrated business solution for job shop management

Specialized Quotation Applications

Custom applications to simplify the production of quotations

Heavy Equipment Scheduling

Custom application simplifying the scheduling and delivery of heavy equipment

Photo ID Badges

Custom bar coded photo ID badges.

iDC Document Control Station

High speed image processing and electronic management of documents.


Combination hardware and software solution for connecting a host pc computer to many numerically controlled machines.  

Dispatcher's Assistant

Unique software and hardware join to help dispatchers accurately direct the movement of dozens of trucks throughout New England.

tBX Freight Management System

High speed image processing and electronic management of documents.
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Community Involvement 

For the past five years, a local Boys and Girls Club has been checking members in and out of the club using state-of-the-art software and bar coding technology.  Memberís ID cards are labeled with a bar code which is passed through a reader upon their arrival and departure.  Entering this type of data in real time makes providing on scene attendance reports as easy as clicking a button.  Summary of club activity attendance information, often required by funding agencies, is as simple as running a month end report. 

Most recently we have applied our knowledge of text-to-speech engines to provide a local educator with software assisting students in the classroom.  The students either require speech feed back for reading or use the speech output as their voice.