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iDC Bans the Filing Bottle Neck!

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Key Benefits:

Reduces the labor of manual filing by over 90%
Volume processing with scanning speed up to 60 pages per minute
Reliable scanner paper transport
Images are compressed, minimizing disk space
Rapid image retrieval and printing
Easily integrates with tBX, Sector Software's freight management software application
Imagine eliminating the drudgery of manually filing hundreds of freight bills. Imagine eliminating the time consuming task of pulling freight bills for proof of delivery. Affordable image processing, electronic filing and retrieval is now available to your company.

Document image processing and electronic management of your freight bills demand high performance work stations and scanners. Sector Software, Inc. now provides this capability at desktop prices. A scanner built from the ground up for high-speed scanning combined with a powerful Intel Pentium class processor workstation provides the horsepower required for obtaining and manipulating document images. Recognition software locates, reads and indexes barcodes from scanned images quickly and accurately then indexes the images to a software data base. Indexed images can be quickly located then viewed or printed.

A local trucking company eliminates the drudgery of handling thousands of freight bills with their installation of iDC, our Imaging Document Control station, a system for image processing, electronic filing and retrieval.

What was taking 5 hours of filing each day, now takes 20 minutes. That’s productivity! A high speed optical scanner and a powerful Intel Pentium workstation reads freight invoices at speeds up to 60 pages per minute. Optical recognition software locates and interprets bar codes from the images. Instant image retrieval for viewing, printing or faxing from a data base of over 100,000 images replaces the more traditional trek to the file cabinet.

The Image Document Control Station consists of high a speed scanner, small document feeder, Intel Pentium class workstation with 32 MB RAM, 1.44 MB floppy drive, 4 GB fixed disk, 1.3 GB optical drive, 15” color monitor, keyboard, interface cards, mid tower case, uninterruptible power supply, document control software and laser printer.