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Heavy Equipment Scheduling.

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A natural for your business. "There must be a better, simpler way..." Now there is.  A way to reduce the paper work, deal with customer inquiries and eliminate the duplication of effort that you face daily.  From initial inquiry to final equipment delivery with invoicing and Quick Books links integrated, iQE, the intelligent Equipment Scheduler, provides you with an intelligent solution to better manage your heavy equipment rental business, a real productivity booster. Now you can manage your business growth without fearing the dreaded paper bottleneck.  For helping you with equipment availibity and scheduling, we provide custom packages that allow you to perform your tasks your way.

Scheduling Your Way

We know you do a lot of quoting and you do it your way. iQE helps you provide timely, consistent and precise equipment rental quotations to your customers. iQE custom rental applications can support:

linking customer sites to Microsoft's MapPoint for clear delivery directions complete with localized maps
equipment delivery lists
equipment rate data table with daily, weekly and weekend pricing
history reports
finished invoices ready for faxing or mailing
import/export to QuickBooks Pro
equipment data tables with PDF viewing and Internet links
customer data tables with detailed information


iQE gives you the tools to know what your status is at any time; backlog reports, delivery reports, as well as sales reports. Customer lists can be imported/exported and invoices can be exported to QuickBooks Pro.


iQE can be customized to meet your unique requirements such as:


supports various back end relational data bases such as Oracle, Interbase, Open Source Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server
integrated faxing
multi-user / network ready
support for document scanning and retreival
integral report writer
With iQE you get a fully integrated software package running in Windows 95/98/NT/2000; a package that is easy to use and flexible enough to grow with your business. iQS is more than an intelligent approach to managing your business...itís an intelligent business investment too. Sector Software, Inc. provides you with software solutions for today and a sound investment for the tomorrow.

Key Benefits

  • Manage an entire enterprise with a single, integrated system
  • Achieve quick installation and implementation
  • Enjoy the simplicity of a point and click graphical interface
  • Scaleable solution form a single desktop to enterprise wide client/server
  • Access information in real time
  • Improve productivity and product quality
  • Executive information at a glance, know the condition of your company
  • Adaptable to individual business requirements