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Dispatcher's Assistant!

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Unique software and hardware join to help dispatchers accurately direct the movement of dozens of trucks throughout New England.

Replacing hand written sheets and notes, networked computer workstations assist dispatchers by assigning freight pickups to proper routes and drivers. As dispatchers enter customer pickups into a simple entry form, each workstation’s display is instantly updated with the correct routing information.

Utilizing a graphical presentation on dual 21 inch color monitors, each dispatcher can see at a glance the information they need to direct the movement of their drivers. Dual 21 inch monitors give each dispatcher a viewing area equivalent to 8 traditional monitors, the number required to display the entire routing form. Moving the graphical mouse cursor across one monitor and into the next is truly an amazing sight the first time you see it! Written in Microsoft’s Windows, the Automated Dispatchers Assistant was quickly accepted and mastered by the dispatchers since the displays closely resemble the printed forms they replace.