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tBX - The Intelligent Solution for Your Business.

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A natural for your business. "There must be a better, simpler way..."  Now there is. A way to reduce the paper work, deal with customer inquiries and eliminate the duplication of effort that you face daily.  From initial quotation to final shipment with all rating and accounting functions integrated, tBX provides you with an intelligent solution to better manage your transportation business; a real productivity booster. Now you can manage your business growth without fearing the dreaded paper bottleneck.


We know you do a lot of quoting. tBX helps you provide timely, consistent and precise quotations to your customers. tBX supports:

rate ponies
individualized quotations
finished quotations ready for faxing or mailing


Freight Bill Entry

Entering and rating your freight bills is a breeze using tBX.  With iQS you can:


use default, pre-established rate schedules
define individual rates
print freight bill invoices packets and statements
create manifests



With the Dispatcherís Assistant add on, your dispatch tasks will be automated with customer pickups routed to the correct route. Never again will you lose a driverís message!


iDC - Document Control Station

Now sophisticated imaging technology is a possibility for your company. A high speed document scanner combined with bar code and data base technology allow you to rapidly file and instantly retrieve freight bill images for invoicing and proof of delivery. iDC supports:


high speed scanning
bar code / OCR indexing
relational data base storage
CD ROM archiving
image printing and viewing


Traditional accounting tasks are tightly integrated into tBX. Entering a freight bill creates an accounts receivable invoice entry. Invoices you receive from your suppliers can be allocated to specific jobs, for job costing purposes, during entry of the accounts payable invoice. With tBX you get:

accounts receivable
accounts payable
general ledger


tBX gives you the tools to know what your status is at any time; shipping reports as well as several accounting reports including purchases, accounts payable and receivable aging, cash requirements, income statement and balance sheet.


iQS can meet your unique requirements such as:


bar code labeling
bar code scanning
integrated faxing
multi-user / network ready
support for document scanning and retrieval
integral report writer
With tBX you get a fully integrated software package running in Windows 95/98/NT/2000; a package that is easy to use and flexible enough to grow with your business. iQS is more than an intelligent approach to managing your business...itís an intelligent business investment too. Sector Software, Inc. provides you with software solutions for today and a sound investment for the tomorrow.