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Sector Software, Inc. Launches Application Development for Oracle 8i on Red Hat Linux

01 July 2000 -- Sector Software has combined its programming expertise with the forces of Oracle and Red Hat to form a unique relationship that unites Sector Software's development skills with Red Hat's leadership in the Open Source market and Oracle's leading relational data base products to meet the demand for Linux in the Enterprise. "Our goal is to provide custom commercial applications built on robust operating systems and data base engines.  Red Hat Linux and Oracle 8i are stable platforms allowing us to provide our customers with one source for Linux solutions."

Up and running in the office of Sector Software is Red Hat Linux 6.1 and Oracle 8i.  "With Oracle 8i running on Linux, not only are we developing our latest applications for Oracle but with Samba installed on Linux we are able to use the power and security of Linux as a file server.  We can access the server from any of our Windows NT/95/98 workstations", say Cory Pierson, President of Sector Software.

With the introduction of Inprise/Borland's enterprise developer tools for cross platform application development, Sector Software can develop one solution that can run on Windows NT or Linux servers.

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