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Sector Software Establishes Internet Presence

Sector Software is now hosting its own website at

01 February 2000 -- Sector Software is now hosting its own website, powered by Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) running on Windows NT Server.  "With Internet Information Server and Windows NT Server we are able to implement an affordable, integrated web hosting platform.   In addition it saves us the expense of outside hosting and allows us direct and timely management of our site," says Cory Pierson, President of Sector Software, Inc.  "Along side and integrated with Internet Information Server, we have Proxy Server 2.0, Exchange Server 5.5 and SQL Server 7.0.  Proxy Server allows us to have high speed internet access at each workstation yet only incur the cost of one internet connection.  With Exchange Server we also have e-mail capabilities at each work station, again using the one connection to the internet.  SQL Server 7.0 joins our other relational data bases, Oracle 8 and InterBase 5.5 all of which we use either for our own business management or developing and testing applications we write for our clients."

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